I GUARANTEE to add $100,000 in billings to your
Dental Practice, and at LEAST an extra $50,000
in new patient billings over the next 18 months
alone… no matter where your dental practice is
located, or how messed up it is, right now:
“How To Easily Run, Maintain and Grow The
Ultimate Dental Practice, in 2016″

Dear Friend,

Let me get right to the point. My name is Dr. David Moffet, and I’m a dentist. I’m also the author of the best-selling book, “How To Build The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams (Without Killing Yourself), In Less Than 60 Days.”

If you are a dentist who is CRAVING greater financial independence, but you’re just not sure how to get started… then this is the most exciting and important message you will ever read.

At the time, I was shocked. Because in actual fact, my boring, middle-class practice was quite “ordinary.” Ordinary, that is… except for one thing:

An unconventional, yet very systematic patient process I’d developed, tweaked, and refined to perfection over the years…

Allowed me to consistently bring in over $10,000 a day,
  working only 4 days a week, 38 to 42 weeks a year…
every single year like clockwork…

That’s $40,000 a week, every week, for a gross of somewhere between $1.4, and $1.826 million a year, every year. And that was just MY billings.

This didn’t include any money generated by my hygienists and associate dentists…or from the part time endodontist (who let me pocket an extra $100,000 a year), or from my oral surgeon (who was usually good for another $150,000). I had both of these 2 dentists working in my office, 1 or 2 days a week.

Since I sold my practice, I’ve spent my time consulting with dentists all over the world, teaching them how to use this exact same systematic patient process, in their own dental practices. This system is called, The Ultimate Patient Experience.

To date, I have worked with over 125 dentists, primarily here in the states and in Australia. And I can tell you with 100% confidence… using the Ultimate Patient Experience in your practice…

Is Absolutely The Easiest Way For You To
Have A Dental Practice, And A Future…
Completely FREE Of Money Worries

It’s easy, because you can have virtually all the Ultimate Patient Experience strategies up and running, within a day or two. And frankly, many of them can be put in place within a few minutes – and, virtually all of them, without spending any extra money on marketing or on anything else.

For example:

  • Dr. Rachel Hall is a practicing dentist in Kenmore, Queensland. When Rachel started working with me, she was grossing $60,000 per month, on average. A year later, she was averaging just under $117,000 per month with her best month $132,000.

Today, she is consistently averaging over $150,000 per month, with her best month a hair over $176,000. She’s gone from $720,000 per year… to $1,400,000 per year… to right now, looking at $1,800,000 per year…

That’s a $1,080,000 annual increase!

Now stop and seriously think about what this means,
for just a moment. Because most dentists would be
thrilled with even 10% of these results! Wouldn’t you?

  • Another doctor I work with, Dr. Teri Lowery from Denver, Colorado, had an increase in monthly revenue of 27% for January and February last year, compared to 2014… and has rounded off 2015 up over 15%, after finally arresting six years of negative growth…
  • Dr. Eugene Khoo saw his collections for Jan-June 2015 increase by $122,000 over the previous year. That’s a 28.5% increase!
  • And another student of mine, in northwest Ohio, who wishes to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want his competition to know what he’s doing… his recent monthly net cash-flow increased to $139K from an average of $110K. That’s a 26.4% bump in monthly net cash-flows. Can you imagine what you’d do with 26.4% extra cash, each and every single month?

Yikes! And, here’s the kicker:

Each one of these dentists experienced these increases
in net cash-flow, without increasing their fees…
and without spending even one thin dime in
additional marketing costs or on new staff people…

Which means, virtually all of this extra cash… went straight into their pockets!

And by the way, these are not “cherry picked” results. These are routine dental practice transformations my clients make when using The Ultimate Patient Experience.

And on Friday and Saturday, August 19 & 20th, at my exclusive London workshop… I will be pulling back the curtains and showing you some of these exact systems, so you can begin experiencing dramatically different financial results in your own dental practice. 

To uncover these money-making strategies, you’ll need to be one of the first 20 dentists to register for this workshop, called:

“How To Easily Run, Maintain and Grow
The Ultimate Dental Practice in 2016”

It’s being held at:

Amba Hotel Charing Cross
The Strand WC2N 5HX London 

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering At This 2-Day Workshop,
which you can attend without taking any financial risk:

bookWe’ll open up the event with a discussion on what it takes to truly build “the dental practice of your dreams,” as I say in the title of my book. We’ll go over, in detail:

  • How to figure out what the dental practice of your dreams looks like, for you…

Does it mean making more money?

Working less? Traveling more? Saving more?

Greater case acceptance rates? Charging higher prices?

Working with better quality patients who aren’t tire-kickers and price shoppers?

Or, does your ideal practice look like a combination of all the above?

Before you design your ideal practice… you’ve got to know what you want it to look like – and that’s what we’ll discuss. After all, you need to have a clear vision of where you want to go, before you can get there. You’ll clarify this vision at this workshop, so you can get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Why some dentists never get the results they want and are constantly suffering, struggling, and being held hostage by their practice… while others seem to make money easily and are busy enjoying their practice and their life…

You’ll discover what separates these two dentists, and how you can avoid ever being the dentist who’s consistently walking around feeling completely unfulfilled in their business, and therefore in your life.

  • And, the 3 most important changes you’ll have to make, to turn your practice into the kind of money-making machine you really want to have…

And surprisingly, these 3 adjustments have absolutely nothing at all to do with marketing, pricing, or the kind of dentistry you do.

Throughout these two days, we’ll also go through some of the key aspects of…

The 5 “building blocks” of
The Ultimate Patient Experience:

Building Block #1: The Ultimate Connection

Creating the ultimate experience for your patients means letting them know you’re different. And this starts from the very FIRST moment your office comes into contact with them.

You know the old adage, “You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression.” Well, in today’s day and age… you simply can’t afford not to be on top of your game, right from the get-go.

And along theses lines, there are certain words and phrases that “position” you in such a way, that allow your patients to trust you implicitly, because they know you have their best interests at heart. And at the same time, there are OTHER words, phrases, and behaviors you must NEVER use.

The point is, the most important thing at this stage of your relationship, is that your patient knows, without a doubt… that their health and their overall well-being, is more important to you, than how much you’re going to be putting in your pockets. And the Ultimate Connection lets them know this.

I’m sure you’ll agree – engaging your patients properly at this early stage of the game, and opening the door for instant rapport… isn’t just important, it’s absolutely critical if you want to convert new patients to long-term, high-paying ones.

Here’s just a small sampling of what’s covered in The Ultimate Connection:

  • The Ultimate Connection forms the foundation of your “re-energized,” practice.  This section contains 5 separate modules, and each one: 
  • ✓ Completely eliminates stress and anxiety, by eliminating chaos and “not knowing what to do” in certain patient interactions. This way, you’re no longer relying on “luck,” or simply “hoping” things work out. Because last time I checked… luck and hope are not very good business strategies. And they’re horrible strategies to rely on,  when it comes to running a dental practice…
  • ✓ Improves net cash-flow and patient relationships…
  • ✓ Establishes simple systems and processes for your team to follow. These systems are based on proven strategies — not based on some kind of a “gut feel” or “best guess” scenario. And…
  • ✓ Gives you FAR more reliability, predictability, and control over your entire practice, and over your cash-flow. It does this using simple and very practical steps I’ll share with you…
  • ✓ The 5 Modules Include:
    1. Scheduling – We’ll cover planning, scheduling, and arranging your appointment book, for maximum efficiency and maximum revenue…
    2. Marketing Attracting qualified patients who are ready to accept patient care, now…
    3. Converting prospects to patients – Without any kind of “hard selling,” or any other deceptive or manipulative tactics, or anything else other than sincerity, integrity… and great service!…
    4. Answering your phones You’ll discover the right way… and maybe even more important — the wrong way, to answer your phones!…
    5. Eliminating cancellations – So your work flow (and therefore your cash-flow) remains consistent and reliable… 
  • You’ll also discover the do’s and don’ts of maintaining total control over your appointment book… while making your patient feel they’ve gotten the very best time-slot, possible…
  • How to attract highly-qualified patients, and… how to make the Ultimate Connection with every one of them. This rapidly increases your patient conversion rates, which significantly  lowers your patient acquisition costs (the amount of money you have to invest, to acquire a new patient)…
  • The one thing you MUST do, to create the perfect website, so patients choose YOU, over any of your competitors…
  • The 5 BEST phrases to use (and two extremely common ones you must NEVER use) that convert more new telephone inquiries into patients, than you ever imagined possible.  Discover when to use each one of them, for maximum patient engagement…
  • How to convert telephone price-shoppers into raving fans. You can have this strategy up-and-running in less than 15 minutes!…
  • Common responses staff members typically use on the phones, that actually drive new patients away!  Once you understand how patient psychology works, you’ll be shocked how much money you’ve been losing specifically because of this one thing, over the years… 
  • With the Ultimate New Patient Inquiry… you’ll discover how to set up the perfect appointment for every phone inquiry and new referral you get…

This alone, pays for your investment in this workshop,
TEN TIMES OVER, in the next few weeks alone…

Look, the problem is… most dentists take their relationship with their patients, for granted. And taking this relationship for granted, is like taking your relationship with your spouse for granted. When you do this, as you know… there’s NO winning — only varying degrees of loss. 

Building Block #2: The Ultimate Arrival

Most patients walk into their dentist’s office to a staff filled with less enthusiasm, than even the barista down at your local coffee shop has. Which is a shame, because not only is this is a new patient’s first impression of your office — but even for existing patients… how they feel when they first come in, sets the tone for how they’re going to act with you, during their appointment. 

Including, how receptive they’re going to be, to accepting new (and expensive!) treatment recommendations.  Which is exactly why this module fills you in on:

  • The PERFECT greeting – One that makes your patients feel like welcome private dinner guests at your home, instead of nameless, faceless, “strangers,” walking around from station to station, on command…
  • Incredibly simple things your office can do, that makes your patient feel like you’ve been preparing all day… just for them!

Building Block #3: The Ultimate Pre-Appointment

You’d never greet someone at the front door of your home… invite them in, and then leave them standing there in the living room all alone, right?

No, of course not.  And yet… that’s exactly what happens in virtually every dental office around the world, after your patient signs in. 

Sure, you’re probably “hoping” your magazine rack is an effective babysitter, until your patient gets called into your treatment room. 

But do you really think a magazine rack, cluttered with filthy old magazines… boring dental brochures… and a television running dental commercials, is interesting or personable? 

Don’t your patients deserve something better than this?  Even the LAZIEST dentist would agree, if this is your Pre-Appointment service…

It’s not going to take much to entice your patients to
leave your practice and work with someone else, is it?

Which is why, in Building Block #3, you’ll discover:

  • How to greet your patients like friends, instead of “patients.”  And “sincere” is the key word here.  If any of your actions are insincere, it’s as if you never did them in the first place…
  • The Ultimate Transfer: Pay attention here, because I’m going to reveal a few critical things team must never do, when transferring your patient from the client lounge, to your treatment room…

Now before we go any further, let me share a story with you about why The Ultimate Preamble is so critical.  This story is called…

The $21,000 mistake
LOADS of dentists are making:

Here’s the deal: I was talking to a friend of mine, who lives in Tampa, Florida. He was telling me how he wouldn’t recognize his dentist if the doctor walked up to him and stuffed a fistful of hundred dollar bills into his pockets.

I thought this was odd, so I automatically assumed this must be a new dentist he just started working with. Or maybe he just had initial X-rays and only met with the hygienist on his first visit. (Which is a very bad move, by the way — but… this happens all the time.) So when I asked how long he’d been working with this particular dentist …

I almost fell off my chair when he said, “7 Years!”

Holy cow! And by the way, the ONLY reason my buddy still uses this dentist is because the dentist is located around the corner from where he lives. He told me flat out, when anyone in his family needs any real dental work… he always goes elsewhere for it. 

Why?  Because there is no relationship here, at all. 

And there’s no relationship simply because his dentist hadn’t taken any time at all, over the last 7 years… to develop one.

His thoughts are — and he’s 100% right, by the way — since he’s paying the dentist and not the other way around, the dentist should at least TRY and develop some rapport, right?

Absolutely.  And can you blame him?  Why should a patient go out of his way to put money into a dentist’s pockets, who hasn’t, in 7 years, had the courtesy to come in and say hello?

You’d probably do the same thing if you were in this situation, and instead of a dentist… you were dealing with, say… an interior decorator. Or a home remodeling guy. Or a financial planner. 

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s completely unfair to hold our patients to different standards than those we’d expect for ourselves. Yet, most dentists do this all the time.

But wait till you hear what happens when a dentist puts such little effort into their patient relationships, and such a low priority on their patient’s experiences! 

Pay attention, because I assure you, this same thing is happening to you, only you just don’t know it:

First, let me tell you the rest of the story.  My friend (and his wife and their 3 children!) goes in for 2 or 3 teeth cleanings, each year. Yet… he only sees the dentist once a year. And even then — it’s for 3 to 5 minutes, at most. 

And when the dentist does come into the exam room, there is absolutely NO conversation outside of the usual clinical chatter.“Open wide”… “Looks good”… “You’d better start flossing, you have some recession in your gums”… “See you next time”… blah blah blah… 

Then, the dentist exits, never to be seen again, until his 5 minute appearance the following year.

As a side note, my friend is very outgoing and gregarious. He’s bright and articulate, and can pretty much talk to anyone, about anything. So this isn’t a situation where the patient is shy and quiet, and the doctor is simply following his lead.It’s quite the opposite, actually.

Now you and I know exactly what’s going on here. This dentist LOVES patients like my friend, because he gets steady income from him (albeit minimal), and all the dentist has to do, is spend 5 minutes on these cases.   

The dentist is foolishly thinking, “Hey, it’s not a big investment of time on my part. I’m not making lots of money, but at least it helps pay the bills.” So he’s happy. And frankly, you might like working with patients like this, for similar reasons. 

But if you want to be successful, you have to stop measuring everything with “an eye for an eye” mentality. You MUST stop thinking, “Hey, they’re not paying me a lot of money, so why should I make a lot of effort.” Because when you do this…

You are making a VERY costly mistake!

Simply because of these 3 things:

  1. You have NO idea which patient is going to need what, and when they’re going to need it…
  2. As you’re starting to see, it takes virtually ZERO effort to make your patients feel special. Especially when you’re following the Ultimate Patient Experience.  And lastly..
  3. It just makes good business sense — especially nowadays — to treat everyone nicely!

See, some doctors think they have a “rope” around their patients, because “they’re working hard.” 

But what you don’t know, is… MANY times… in situations like this — patients feel the same way the doctor feels, only in reverse.  The patient’s perspective is, “Well, since I’m just cleaning my teeth, I’ll tolerate bad behavior.  But if I need anything else, I’m going to work with someone else, because based on how this guy treats me, he hasn’t earned the right to get more of my money… or more of my business.”

So when it comes time to spending big money — loads of patients in this situation wind up going somewhere else for these services, instead of working with you.  And this is exactly what happened in this situation!

Here, listen to this: 

My friend’s wife wanted to get veneers, and they didn’t even THINK about working with their “regular dentist.” You know, the one who’s too busy to even say “Hello.” So instead, they worked with someone else who was 15 miles further away. That’s right…

They wound up paying another doctor – basically, a
complete stranger… $21,000 for veneer work — instead
of working with their “regular” dentist!

This is a painful lesson (one which I am sure this doctor is completely unaware of), and a great example of what happens when… for all intents and purposes, you completely ignore your “low maintenance” patients, simply because you think you can. Because they haven’t earned YOUR time.

Now please listen closely, because I am going to be as direct as possible: 

You will NEVER consistently make
$10,000 a day… thinking, or behaving like this!

However, you will certainly lose much more than this, I assure you.

I hope you can see how costly this kind of thinking is!  You simply cannot run anything even close to a successful practice, thinking or behaving like this. 

See, patients don’t have to earn our time — the burden is on us to earn their time and money.

All this dentist had to do was show some interest in his patients, beyond “doing the bare minimum you have to do, to get paid.” Maybe, over 5 years… for my friend and his wife combined, maybe you’re talking about a total investment of labor and extras of somewhere around… $25, at most, using the strategies I’ll share with you at my workshop.

Which you would easily get back… almost 1,000 times over, in this case!  Not to mention all the extra referral business he never gets, either.

Look, when there’s no rapport, and NO relationship between the dentist and the patient… and frankly, not much more than that, between the hygienist and the patient… ANY opportunity to make REAL money by providing advanced treatment, is lost.  So…

How much money are YOU losing because of these same
oversights and mistakes? Simply because… you’re “too busy?”

Let me answer that question for you: AT LEAST TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each year, OR more… 

When you treat your patients like this — when there is absolutely NO connection between your patient and you, or your office staff… it’s like having a stray cat that comes by your house every once in a while, but you never let it get too close to you. You don’t stroke its forehead… you don’t pick it up and scratch it’s chin — all you do is feed it a few scraps of leftovers, once in a blue moon.

The second this cat finds ANYONE who’s willing to pay even the slightest bit of attention to it… will be the last time you ever see this cat come around!

So how about you? Are you and your staff genuinely connecting with your patients? Or do you treat them like stray cats you’re sympathetic to, but pretty ambivalent about?

And be brutally honest here, because by now, you understand… “connecting”… is a LOT more than just “being nice.” Everyone is nice, for the most part.  But as you now know — connecting, and caring, are communicated by specific and deliberate action steps. Steps that are, unfortunately… completely absent in most dental practices.

Steps that I will share with you at my upcoming workshop.

In fact, in most dental practices, your average patient is more likely to have a stronger “connection” with his regular cashier down at the local supermarket, than with you!  And…

This is WHY you’re losing TENS OF THOUSANDS
of patient dollars… and why your case
acceptance rates aren’t higher! 

Appreciate that no matter where your practice is, who your patients are, or what kind of practice you have… your income — and therefore the quality of your life and your family’s life — will always be directly proportional to the strength of your relationship with your patients. 

Look, we’re dentists.  And in the big picture of life, for most of our patients, what we do is just not that important to them, in comparison to all the other priorities and responsibilities constantly tugging at them, throughout their daily routine.

This means, when patients think of you, they think in terms of black and white.  You’re either incredible… or invisible. Really warm… or indifferent. Very important… or completely insignificant.

Patients go by a “gut” reaction, based on what they experience (or don’t experience) when they’re dealing with you and your staff, when they’re in your office. No one’s going to sit there and take the time to think about specifically what “degree” of chemistry you have with them.

It’s either outstanding or non-existent, period. Like it or not… there’s no “in-between.”

You’re either memorable, or you’re not. So to make sure you’re not losing $21,000 (and even larger) cases like this. let’s talk about what else we’ll be covering at this workshop:

Building Block #4: The Ultimate Appointment – We’ll cover:

  • 3 Things every dentist MUST do, while you’re treating your patients. And, we’ll wrap up with:

Building Block #5: The Ultimate Post-Appointment

Including… The Ultimate Handover: 

The Ultimate Handover is the process of transferring your patient to the Front Office Person by the Dental Assistant, following the completion of their dental treatment.

  • You’ll discover why including the patient in this process is actually the cornerstone concept to making sure you end the patient’s experience out on a positive note. This is important because patients tend to most closely identify with you, based on their last experience with you. Which means, even if you and your team perform like superstars throughout the entire patient experience… if you drop the ball at the end… all the patient will remember is the bad taste in their mouth as they were leaving your office. Which is why getting this transfer right is SO critical!…

To create this special experience… there’s a specific way you need to make this transfer… one that’s very unconventional compared to how most dentists do this. But there again, as you know… you should never bet the farm on conventional wisdom. Plus, if it was conventional, every dentist out there would be making more money, and actually enjoying every minute of their day. And unfortunately, you and I both know, that’s just not what’s going on in most dental practices.

Remember, you’re not dropping your dog off at the boarding kennel before leaving for your vacation. You’re moving patients around – many who are in physical or emotional pain or distress. And all of them have busy lives and more stress in their lives than they want to deal with. In fact…

You may be the ONE bright ray of
sunshine in their life for that entire day!

But if you are – and I’ll show you exactly how to make sure you are… they’ll say “Yes” to your treatment recommendations, and they will stay with you, for life.

  • I’ll also show you the number ONE reason why most patient transfers completely fail, so you can completely avoid ever making this mistake. And…
  • I’ll reveal the 10 Critical things you MUST do, to ensure your handover to your dental assistant following treatment, is truly memorable and delivers world class service. Each one of these things can be scripted out for you or kept on a checklist, so you don’t have to remember anything. And, I promise… 3 of these things you’ve absolutely never even heard before.

Keep in mind, this alone, instantly differentiates you from every other dental office around. Simply because most dentists are simply treating their patients like moving parts on a conveyor belt. They’re not treating them like friends, or even like human beings, in some cases…

Look, the sad truth is… in dentistry today… most patients have accepted the fact that they are going to be treated like cattle being processed and hoarded through a milking parlor. Which is exactly why it’s so incredibly easy for you to be different. All you have to do is treat patients like people instead of like cows, and they’ll love you for it. Sounds sad when you say it out loud like this, but it’s completely true, isn’t it?

But the good news is, after attending this workshop… you’ll know how to treat your patients like kind, warm, appreciated human beings. And they will immediately recognize this difference and reciprocate in kind.

They will stay with you forever, and be thrilled to pay you top dollar for your services… and for the privilege to be treated like this for the rest of their lives.

Because remember, patients don’t mind paying good money for services. What they mind doing, is paying top-dollar for services they perceive have very little value.

And when you change the way you’re doing things, you also dramatically change their value perception. And because you’re now delivering greater value for the things they they can perceive (as opposed to things they can’t perceive, like the quality of your fillings, for example)… they easily justify greater costs associated with this value.

We’ll also look at The Ultimate Checkout: 5 Important Procedures that GUARANTEE your patient checkout is a Magical Moment (Yes, even when you’re getting paid!):

  • There are 5 things every patient typically experiences during the dental check out.  However, you MUST eliminate 3 of them, immediately! This changes the entire dynamic of the checkout, which is very important, because again… this is when you’re getting paid!…

Let’s face it, as I said, most people think all dentists are alike. And in many ways, we can’t blame them. After all, how are they supposed to know any different? Which is why, the ONLY way they can differentiate one dentist from another is the way that Dental Office makes them feel.

And this workshop is all about showing you how to make your patients “feel” much better for working with you, by using subtle, proven, patient engagement strategies that are low cost and incredibly easy to implement. Again, most of them are so easy, you can have in place by the end of your first day back after this workshop.

Making your patients feel better instantly:

  • Improves patient follow-up and return rate and,
  • Improves appointment setting on the telephone…

Now the thing is, different patients need different levels of engagement. So I will show you how these levels of interaction need to differ, based on:

  • How long a patient has been with you…
  • How long it’s been since a patient has seen you…
  • And how regularly they see you…

Because each one of these patients is vastly different, your interaction with them also needs to be different, to maximize revenues and patient experience.

  • I’ll also reveal 4 critical non-financial metrics you need to track, to measure improvements in your practice, and why tracking anything else is unproductive and wastes your time…

Oh, and by the way… more money is lost during the following 5 interactions than at any other points in time. You’ll discover why, and what you’re currently doing wrong, making it almost impossible to earn serious money in any dental practice:

  • ✓ When your patient arrives at your office…
  • ✓ During your appointment…
  • ✓ Right after your appointment…
  • ✓ And at two other times you’d never expect…

Now listen closely, because plugging the following hole
is worth an additional $50,000 in extra new patient
business to you, in the next 6 months alone:

I’ll show you the right way… and the wrong way… to handle all those annoying phone calls that start out with, “How much do you charge for…”

  • And you need to pay very close attention to this, because there is very little wiggle room in providing the right response to this question. I’ll tell you exactly how to respond to it… and, maybe even more important… the 4 specific follow-up questions you MUST ask after his response. These are very ordinary, very conversational questions – however if you don’t ask these 4 questions in the specific order I show you… the likelihood of you converting that inbound call to a paying patient drops from 70-80% to maybe 10%.
  • A simple 6-word question to ask your patients over the phone, that tells you instantly whether or not they are serious about moving forward… or if they’re just another annoying call-in wasting your time…
  • The one thing you MUST do, to ensure newly treated patients agree to your treatment plan. This alone increases the chances of case acceptance, dramatically. And the beautiful thing is… it costs NO money to do, and any halfway decent team member can do this one thing, very well…
  • You’ll discover the 3 ways you need to pay yourself as the person who’s in charge running a dental practice. Understanding this gives you a much greater perspective on your true value, and on getting paid what you really deserve…

We’ll discuss 6 practice bottlenecks that typically cost you tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, and how to fix them. Here they are:

  1. Are your new patients having to wait too long to see you?
  2. Are your existing patients waiting too long to see you?
  3. Are you spending too many hours per day cleaning teeth?
  4. Are you spending too many days per month cleaning teeth?
  5. Is cleaning teeth preventing you from seeing new patients?
  6. Is cleaning teeth preventing you from treating new and existing patients?
  • I’ll also show you something a lot of dentists are reluctant to do, but once you see the numbers (How does an extra $250,000 in gross billings sound?) and once you see how this adds nothing to your to-do list…  this will be your first priority once you get back from the workshop.
  • I’ll also show you a quick way to add an extra $67,500 in gross billings to your practice – and this literally takes 15 MINUTES a day! Plus

We’ll go over the 6 categories of patients, and you’ll discover:

  • Why you MUST treat each one of them differently…
  • How to treat them differently…
  • Which category of patient will ruin you, financially… if you’re not careful…
  • And which category can make you a small fortune, if you’re clever…

And since different patients need different levels of engagement, I’ll reveal the different types of interactions you need to have, based on: 

  • How long a patient has been with you…
  • How long it’s been since a patient has seen you…
  • And how regularly they see you…

Each one of these dynamics is vastly different, so your interaction with these patients also needs to be different, to maximize revenues and to leverage their customer experience…

  • You’ll discover how (and when) to increase your fees. If you’re doing this correctly… you’ll actually “cleanse” your patient database… and, you’ll improve (and seriously increase) collection to the point where, in a relatively short time… you’re actually working less and making proportionally more money… (Note that I raised my fees 10.5% per year, on average.)

How to completely eliminate patients who are:

  • Whiners! You know who I mean – the ones who moan and groan about everything from the weather… to not having enough parking spots available… to why your works costs so much money (when you’ve been charging them the same price for the last 5 years)…
  • Constantly late! They come in late every single appointment and then they complain about why it takes so long for you to get finished…
  • Rude patients! These are the “passive aggressives.” They lay it on sweet and thick when you’re you present, but then they bully your staff around as if they’re speaking to dogs in the street. These guys, of course, are a close second only to…
  • The belligerent ones. Who give everyone they interact with, a hard time. And of course, it’s always “someone else’s fault,” why they’re behaving this way…

You’ll also discover a simple philosophy called “Zero Risk.” This allows every one of your team members to perform their duties with the same uniform end goal in mind. Which makes managing them and making decisions, a lot easier.

We’ll also go through Appointment setting like you’ve never seen it before:

Are you scheduling appointments… or merely “making” appointments?

Let me explain the difference to you. Most dentists just “book,” or “make” appointments. Patients call up (doesn’t matter if they’re new or existing patients), and the interaction goes something like this: “I have Thursday afternoon at 2:15 available.” OK, I’ll take it. “Great. What’s your full name…. Your date of birth… and, Who is your insurance carrier?”


That conversation is about as interesting as a small soap dish. Is it any wonder why patients can’t differentiate your practice from the guy down the block’s practice?

After all, you’re both saying and doing the exact same (boring) thing here, right?

You bet.

So what if, instead… you engaged your patients in some kind of meaningful conversation that makes them feel good about booking their appointment – and makes your staff feel worthy of scheduling this appointment?

Imagine the difference this makes, in your relationship
with this patient… right from the beginning?

And as a result, instead of most patients absolutely dreading their dental appointment… they actually look forward to their appointment.

During this section of the workshop, I’ll show you exactly how to make this happen, by establishing immediate, genuine rapport with your patients from the first second they get on the phone with your staff.

Not by laying down some phony, ridiculous, self-indulgent sales pitch, but by asking patients a few, very specific and very deliberate (and quite easy, I might add) “normal” questions.

Questions that have the same warm and sincere “tone” as the ones you might enthusiastically ask a new friend when you’re trying to get to know them. Only, obviously they’re specifically geared toward patient engagement and they’re socially appropriate for this particular, unique conversation.

When you give your patients this kind of experience… something happens that’s virtually unheard of, in dentistry: your patient is completely blown away.

And that’s because you’ve managed to do something no one else has: you’ve managed to let them know they truly mean far more to you than the money you’ll be making. And I don’t have to tell you – NO OTHER DENTIST has ever made them feel this way before.

Plus, let’s face it – since patients do business with dentists they know, like, and trust… smart patient engagement like this gets you off to an incredible start. Because once they hang up the phone, these patients will already like you… they’ll feel like they know you… and they’ll actually want to trust you once they come in for their appointment. Which is very different from the normal defensiveness and skepticism patients have when they sit down and visit with their dentists. So let me ask you this:

Which dentist do you think makes more money?

The dentist who has skeptical patients… or the dentist whose patients know, like, and WANT to trust him… before they even walk into his office.

Obviously, the dentist whose patients know, like, and WANT to trust him, of course…

And how about your website?

Ever wish your website
actually DID something for you?

If you’re like most dentists, your website is nothing more than a big business card, online. With this in mind, I’ll reveal the 4 simple questions your website must answer before patients will even consider working with you, over another dentist. (Questions, by the way, that are actually fun to answer!)

Answer these questions and your website will actually start attracting new patients, instead of simply just “being there online.” I’ll also reveal…

  • The 3 most important things new patients want to know when choosing a new Dental Office…

And, to make sure the attitude your team projected on the phone, is consistent with the experience your patients have when they enter your office… I’ll show you my “Secret Weapon” welcome greeting your team should be using to greet patients when they walk through your doors.

Again, this is extremely simple, but the impact of it is the same same difference between how you’re greeted entering your local gas station, and how you’re greeted at a high-class restaurant where there is a bubbly Maitre D and a coatcheck staff member waiting there for you.

  • You’ll also discover an unusual phone call our team consistently makes to our patients (and “No,” it’s not a post-treatment follow-up call). This takes about 2 minutes to do, and absolutely blows patients away!

And by the way, this is only Day 1!…

Day 2 of this workshop is an implementation day:

This is the day we look at a variety of detailed and specific data that creates huge leaps in gross annual billings, net profits, and net cash-flows. This isn’t the kind of information you’ll ever hear at workshops or even read about, simply because virtually none of the academics who publish information have actually experienced any of this for themselves.

What we’re going to cover today, is based on 30 years of proven, field-tested, trial and error business success. And frankly, much of those 30 years I did things wrong. However, once things started to “click”… any and all prior mistakes and losses were very quickly made up for, financially… many many times over.

Basically, on Day 2 we’ll be looking at how to improve both the efficiency, as well as the profitability of your office. Where Day 1 focuses on strategies that improve your delivery of dentistry, creating a much more fulfilling and meaningful experience for your patients… on Day 2, we’ll be going over many of the “business” decisions you need to consider, to improve the profitability and efficiency of your practice. For example:

  • Ever wish hiring and managing employees wasn’t so difficult and so frustrating? If you really want to understand how to scale up your practice, how to hire quality team members, and how to manage them with minimal effort… then you’ll love the material we’ll be covering on Day 2. Once you get this down, your office will run as smoothly as a Swiss watch.
  • Ever thought about adding a second chair? We’ll work through the math on this so you can see exactly whether this makes sense or not. And I assure you – you will be absolutely SHOCKED at the numbers once we get under the hood on this, and you start doing a proper analysis…
  • In fact, if you’ve ever wondered how many chairs you should have in your office, we’ll go over the numbers in detail, based on my own 30 years of experience. These are hard numbers from real practice years, not something you’ll hear at some CE seminar. You’ll be thrilled to do this analysis, and… if you’re like most dentists – the results will completely change the way you do business, moving forward…
  • As you’re probably painfully aware… managing a team is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of running a dental practice. However, using a few specific strategies, you’ll discover exactly how to hire better quality and more compatible (and more productive!) team members. I’ll even give you the specific hiring ads to use, that attract the kind of people you WANT working with you. I’ll also let you know what to look for — and… maybe even more important — what to look out for when you’re interviewing potential candidates…

After all, you owe it to yourself, to your other team members, and to your patients, to have the best trained and most dedicated people in the appropriate positions in your office. And in today’s competitive marketplace, you can no longer afford to let one bad apple continue to spoil the entire bunch…

  • If you’re super motivated and you’re OK working a little harder to create an even bigger differential for yourself – separating you from your competitors even further… I’ll show you over a dozen different ways to engage your patients, that go way above and beyond anything they would ever expect…
  • I’ll also reveal 7 very common mistakes dental offices make that absolutely DESTROY any kind of patient rapport you may have established. It’s like the old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day… but it burned in less than a day.” You’ll get to avoid making this mistake, forever…

Look, developing a relationship is like anything else — it takes a little effort. But here’s the good news — with the Ultimate Patient Experience, it takes a lot LESS effort than you think.  And that’s because you’re using a proven and systematic series of actions, specifically designed to leverage patient psychology… so you and your staff are permanently “imprinted” into your patient’s brain, in a positive way

To the point where, you’re creating such a compelling differential between you and every other dentist your patients have ever worked with, you become completely unforgettable. But, for all the right reasons!

So if you’re ready to STOP making the same business
mistakes, over and over again… then listen, and listen good:

Taking advantage of simple strategies like this, costs virtually nothing, yet it pays off in so many positive ways, every single day… for the remainder of your career

Not only in increased revenues, but it also allows you to effectively put an “invisible fence” around your patients. Which prevents them from ever leaving — no matter how much you’re charging.  And that’s because at this point, patients aren’t thinking about what they’re paying. they’re thinking about…

How Good You Make Them Feel!…

Just like what we said earlier – how you feel when you stay at The Ritz-Carlton versus how you feel after you stay at a Motel 6. 

See, because you now have a differential, you’ve done what virtually NO dentists are capable of doing. You’ve shifted the focus (and therefore the conversation), away from price… and on to service and value, instead. 

Which means… the only way people will leave, is if they’re willing to accept inferior service and less value. And sure, once in a blue moon… a few people will accept inferior service and less value. 

But by and large, MOST of your patients won’t be willing to accept anything less, because you’ve basically spoiled them.  And few people are willing to go backwards. 

Plus, people always have money for those things they want.  Which is why, even though big screen televisions, tattoos, and iPhones are expensive and discretionary items… they’re obviously incredibly popular. Patients just “have to have them,” and they’ll feel the same way about working with you.

And the good thing is, the Ultimate Patient Experience isn’t difficult to implement, at all. In fact, one of the most common remarks people make, is how easy it is.

We’ll also wind up the meeting with an open Q & A Session, so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to get the ball rolling on this, first thing Monday morning when you get back to your office.

The investment to attend this workshop is only £1,100. You’ll easily get all of this back, within the first 30 days with the strategies you’ll be learning.

Team members may also attend for half price – and for every two team members you register, you may bring one more team member, for free.

Note: Registration only £1,100.
Team members can still attend for half price, and for every two
team members you register, you may still bring one more team member, for free.

The workshop is being held on Friday and Saturday, August 19th and 20th at:

Amba Hotel Charing Cross
The Strand WC2N 5HX

For most dentists, all you need to do is pick up an extra 2 or 3 patients, and your entire workshop tuition is paid for. Which you should be able to do within 7-14 days from the time you get back to your office and start implementing. Plus, you’ll also get:

Two, 100% Money-Back Guarantees:

My Guarantees are that the material at this event will add:

  • guarantee2000A minimum of $100,000 in extra billings to your practice within the next 18 months (which is close to 100 TIMES your investment to attend this workshop)…
  • And no less than $236,000 in extra billings added to your practice in the next two years…

If you don’t hit these numbers, I will refund absolutely every penny of your tuition to attend this workshop.

Now I realize these are bold and daring guarantees, but I have absolutely NO problem putting my money where my mouth is, because I’m that confident in this material.

Frankly, it’s easy for me to be confident because these are the exact same strategies I’ve used in my office… and the same strategies I’ve helped loads of my dentist students successfully implement in their practices. In fact, as I said ,they are…

The exact same strategies I used to personally bill
$1,826,445 in one year, working only 4 days a week,
for only 37 ½ weeks of the year…

That’s why guaranteeing them isn’t a problem, at all.

Plus, the last thing I want, is for you to feel unsure about investing your time and money into attending one of my workshops. I want you to be 100% comfortable about what you can expect.

Once you register, we’ll send you more details about the venue and location.

To register, simply click on
the “REGISTER NOW” button, below:

(And don’t worry – if you’re not one of the first 20 dentists who register, your card will not be billed)

Untitled design (3)


Without a differential, something TERRIBLE happens:

See, when you have nothing specific to talk about… you give your patients no other choice but to base their decision to use you, solely on price.  Which is why some dentists constantly find themselves having to negotiate their prices.

And even if you’re willing to negotiate — and I hope you value your time and expertise enough, that you’re NOT willing to do this — even this works against you. Because if all you’re competing on, is price… then as soon as someone else charges even a little less… patients will leave you to save even more money.

What you want to do — if you’re SMART, anyway… is have such a STRONG differential, it allows you to charge much higher prices than anyone else. Which is exactly what The Ultimate Patient Experience does for you.

In fact, it creates such a strong and compelling differential, it allows you to charge much more, and patients are thrilled to pay for this differential.

Again, this system allowed me to charge top-dollar
and increase my fees 10.55% on average, per year: 

When was the last time you raised your fees? And how much did you raise them by? And, how often do you increase them? Are you charging top-dollar? If not, why not?

The problem is, as you know… if you’re not raising your prices (and most dentists aren’t), then you’re losing money. To inflation… rising payroll… increased equipment and materials costs… the list is virtually endless. On the other hand, when you increase your prices, these additional profits go straight to your bottom line!

As a matter of fact, the Ultimate Patient Experience demands you charge more.  See, if you’re consistently showering your patients with the right acts of kindness, and you’re not charging more… it’s like going into the Porsche dealership, and paying the same price you would, for a Ford.

If this happened, you couldn’t help but think, “Something must be very wrong with the car I just bought.” It just wouldn’t “feel” right. 

The bottom line is, again… the average patient has no clue whether or not you’re a good clinician. They can’t tell the difference between your fillings, and the guy down the block’s fillings.

This means, by default… your ONLY chance at having
ANY kind of a differential, is with the non-clinical
services you’re providing: Meaning, by the types of
patient experiences you’re delivering…

If you can do this one thing ONLY, you’ll make a ton of extra cash.  And if you can’t… at some point in time, you’re going to HAVE to question why you’re even in business, in the first place. Because in today’s day and age, if you’re not delivering outstanding service, you’ll soon be gone, anyway

There are just too many other dentists out there, working too hard… who are quite willing to provide this service differential. And they all want the same slice of the pie you’re after.

Which is why, your ONLY real solution, is to differentiate yourself by the type of patient experiences you provide.

Sure, in some rare cases, if you’re lucky… you’ll have location and convenience on your side. But “luck” is not a very good business strategy.  And it’s nowhere near as reliable as having a compelling Ultimate Patient Experience as your differential.

And even if you have luck on your side, you can’t “luck” your way into increasing your prices and charging top dollar — you know this, as well as I do. However, making your patients feel better, instantly changes everything.

Look, truly successful dentists aren’t ANY smarter
than you are — they just know “The Wealth Formula”…

They know, in order to be looked at differently, they have to actually be different.

They know how to differentiate themselves. How to attract and retain patients, and how to deliver the Ultimate Patient Experience, which allows them to consistently charge and collect top-dollar for their services, with virtually zero patient resistance. Simply because patients are enamored with the service they provide.

Remember, patients don’t mind spending money. What they mind, is spending money and not getting any value for it. This is why Mercedes, BMW and Porsche can charge 3 to 10 times what Ford and Chevy charges

It’s how I’ve was able to do this in my practice, and how you can do the same thing in your practice.

To register, simply click on
the “REGISTER NOW” button, below:

(And don’t worry – if you’re not one of the first 20 dentists who register, your card will not be billed)

Untitled design (3)The workshop is being held on Friday and Saturday, August 19th and 20th at:

Venue in greater London being finalised. Stay tuned.

Is This Workshop For You?

To see if the Ultimate Patient Experience is for you, ask yourself each one of these questions, and mark off your “Yes” responses:

  • □ Are you running multiple offices, or do you have more than 3 active chairs going at any given time? Yet you don’t feel like you have anything to show for it?
  • □ Have you been earning pretty much the same amount of money over the last few years?  Good money, by the average person’s standards — but you can just “sense” that based on your work ethic, and on your raw ability… that with a few subtle tweaks… you could easily be earning an extra hundred thousand dollars per year, or more? (And you know, “marketing” isn’t what you need to get you there?)
  • □ Are you busting you butt seeing upwards of 20 or more patients a day, yet… your bottom line (and the amount of cash in your bank account), just doesn’t seem to reflect all this hard work you’re doing?
  • □ Are you already doing well, but you just want to get to the next level and you’d love to know the fastest and easiest way of getting there? And, do you want to know how to get there, NOT from some self-proclaimed ‘guru’ or life coach, but from someone who’s literally walked in your exact same shoes? Someone who’s “been there and done that?”
  • □ Would you like to sock away more cash in the next 24 months, than you have in the last 5 years? Do you want to retire earlier — or… even if you don’t retire, would you rather be working because you want to, and not because you have to?
  • □ Are you starting to look backwards,  and realizing, that while you’ve done “OK” for yourself… you haven’t nearly maximized your full potential? And is this thought starting to nag at you, more and more? Are you getting the sense that “it’s now or never?” That you’re finally ready to fulfill your destiny, instead of merely being “better than average?”   
  • □ Would you rather work “smarter” instead of “harder,” so you can finally get paid what you’re worth — without having to practically kill yourself for it? And are you finally ready to make “quality of life,” a priority of your own?   
  • □ Do you enjoy your work, have a ton of integrity, and take pride in what you do? But when it comes to getting paid top-dollar, like you deserve… patients always just seem to offer more resistance than they should be?
  • □ Do you find yourself losing out on more big cases than you should be losing? And you simply don’t know how to fix this?
  • □ Your patients like you, and you do good work. But in spite of this — somehow, you’re just not making as much as you want, saving as much as you want, building up that nest egg that’s going to let you finally stop and put down that drill, one day. And the older you get, the more this nags at you, pecking away in your brain — almost talking to you “out loud,” while you’re drilling away at your chair or driving home in your car. The bottom line is, you’re driven and motivated, but you just want to see more for all that effort you’re putting into your practice, and you’re just not sure how to make this happen, soon enough…
  • □ Do you desperately want to increase your conversions… make your patients come in more… and spend more money with you on each visit? And by the way — not being good at conversions, is the most inefficient and wasteful aspect of running a dental practice. Why? Simply because there is NO additional overhead involved, to convert more people into patients! It is, in a sense, the only “Free Money” there is to be had, in our business.
  • □ Ever feel like, if you weren’t standing there working your tail off, drilling all day long… that your entire office would fall apart? That if it weren’t for you, no one would be doing anything? Would you instead like to have a simple, common-sense “system” in place, that changes all this? One that demands everyone starts pulling their own weight, and contributes at least their fair share — without putting any pressure or anxiety on any of your team members?
  • □ Do you know your dentistry is good, and yet… for some reason, you’re simply NOT getting rewarded financially, for all that hard work you’re doing? And you know you need to charge more, but you’re just not sure how to go about doing this?
  • □ Are you sick and tired of loving your life on the weekends, and suddenly… absolutely HATING life, come Sunday nights? Do you want to start enjoying your drive into work, as much as your drive home from work?
  • □ Would you rather your patients have experiences in your office, that make them feel more like they just left an upscale Spa instead of a dentist’s office? And by the way, you don’t need to be a brilliant dentist to imagine who gets more referrals — the “dental spa” practice, or the “dental office” practice.
  • □ Do you find you like your staff, and in some cases, you’re even actually personal friends with them — but you often find yourself so stressed out with them during the day, you sometimes can’t even stand LOOKING at them?
  • □ Have you recently walked out of your office, and either during your car ride home… or later on that evening… when you’re laying down and decompressing from your day — or even worse — while you’re trying to fall asleep… do you find yourself thinking thoughts like, “I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this?”  Or, do you find yourself thinking, more often than you’d like, and beyond just the normal “bad day” we all have, thoughts like:
    • ☞ “I wish things were different.”
    • ☞ “How did I ever let it get to this point?”
    • ☞ Isn’t this supposed to be fun — at least SOME days?”
    • ☞ “What can successful dentists POSSIBLY know, that I don’t?”
    • ☞ “I’m NEVER going to get rich going on like this”…
    • ☞ “I feel like a loser.”
    • ☞ “My competition must be laughing at me. They couldn’t possibly be so happy and carefree if they were experiencing any of this kind of stress and discomfort.”
  • □ Does your appointment book often look like a sock drawer? You know, sometimes it’s full… and other times it’s just “full of holes?” And are you sick and tired of all the inconsistency and unpredictability in your income, in your schedule, and in your life, because of this?  Would you instead, just want to have yours and everyone else’s appointment books completely booked out, ahead of time? 
  • □ Are 30-40% of your daily profits filled that same day, from revenue picked up during the day? When you’re practice is like this, it’s based on hoping you’ll pick up some unexpected patients (and then having a day of add-ons to make up), or being lucky enough to stumble across some “found” money. And by now, I hope you’re fully aware, a dental practice, and a future… based on hope and luck, is an anxiety-riddled future, that’s not very desirable.  On the other hand, wouldn’t you prefer looking at your appointment book, and getting excited about how well-booked it is… and about the patients you’re going to be helping?
  • □ Are you so burned out, you can’t even enjoy your free time, because you simply don’t have any energy left, to do anything on your days off? Would you instead, LOVE to once again, enjoy:
    • ☞ Spending time with you spouse and your children?
    • ☞ Actually having some “me time” to enjoy your hobbies — photography, golf, sailing, fishing, hunting, working out, or whatever else floats your boat?
    • ☞ Traveling and actually vacationing out of town longer than for just an “extended weekend?”
    • ☞ And… here’s the kicker — doing all this without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about “Oh my God, now I’ve got to work TWICE as hard next month, just to pay for all this!”
  • □ Do you just want to STOP having to worry about money, every single minute, of every single day?
  • □ And finally… did you get to where you are today, through sheer enthusiasm, passion, and solid technical skills? In fact, maybe at one point, you never even expected to get this far, but right now… the problem is how can you get to that NEXT level?

If you said “Yes” to any of these questions, then
you’ll profit tremendously, financially… while
dramatically lowering your stress and anxiety…
simply by attending this workshop

Look, if you’re struggling to fund your retirement now… and it’s a challenge to make ends meet now, then what are you going to do moving forward – as overhead continues rising, and as prices for everything continues spiraling out of control? And if you’re still paying off student loans, you’re actually going to be negative for a while!

Why ARE some dentists
more successful than you?

After all, they have the same number of hours in their day, as you do in yours. And yet, obviously they’ve done more.  Why is that?

The answer is simple: leverage. They’ve discovered systems and processes their staff uses, to create greater efficiencies… which lead to scalability, increased sales, and much greater net profits. This is what the Ultimate Patient Experience offers. In a nutshell, it offers you systematic leverage and systematic scaling power.

However, if systematic leverage isn’t for you… and chaos, hope, luck, and wasting time, is your preferred method of running your practice… then the Ultimate Patient Experience probably isn’t for you. But…

If the daunting fear has ever come over you, that you still might be financially tethered to your drill at age 65 or 70, then you owe it to yourself to register for this workshop, RIGHT NOW:

To register, simply click on
the “REGISTER NOW” button, below:

(And don’t worry – if you’re not one of the first 20 dentists who register, your card will not be billed)

Untitled design (3)

Let’s face it, in many ways, we shouldn’t even be working for ourselves. We’re not trained in business — we’re trained in Dentistry! We’ve had world-class expert training in reading x-rays, drilling and filling cavities, and extracting teeth — NOT in sales or in servicing patients. Let alone managing employees… training them… accounting, payroll, taxes, collections, setting up an office, and so on. 

And because we haven’t been trained in these areas, we tend to listen to the wrong people and we often make foolish, or NO decisions as a result. We look at what we think the guy across the street is doing, and figure, “Hey, if it’s working for him, it’ll work for me.”

The problem is, it’s not working for him, either.  And so, we’re like the blind following the blind, which is why so many of us find ourselves in similar messes. 

For example, we buy new equipment and invest in state of the art technology, mistakenly thinking, “that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.” Then, you sit there staring at this stuff glistening in your office — like a brand new car in the showroom. Only, unlike the car in the dealership that eventually turns into cash… you wind up saying to yourself, “Darn, this stuff looks good — I sure wish I could make some money with it.”

Instead, imagine how much better you’re going to feel, headed into work on Monday mornings, without any of these problems. Not by random luck, and certainly not by “hoping” things will work out for you. But by applying subtle, deliberate tweaks to procedures you’re going to be doing, anyway. 

Only now… you’ll be doing them right — to provide better service to your patients and to generate cash-flow.

Think about how much better you’re going to feel, when, with minimal effort… you’re suddenly lifting your practice up to levels formerly only imagined, at best! When you’re one of the top performers in our industry — not in “theory,” and not because of some immeasurable yard stick, like “clinical talent” — but in terms of actual net cold hard cash flowing into your pockets.

And finally, imagine being able to take time off, and to “turn off,” at will. Working only 3 days a week, and living the kind of lifestyle you want to live… enjoying the hobbies you’ve “always wanted” to enjoy… spending time with your spouse, and your children… finally doing all those family activities you always “meant” to do… and experiencing the kind of family closeness you’ve always wanted to experience.

Instead of slaving away 4 – 5 days a week, week in and week out… limited days off, limited vacations, loads of stress and anxiety filling your mind, burning holes through your belly and aches and pains up and down your spine. Dreading the drive into the office, and completely forgetting the drive home…

If you know your dentistry is good, yet for some
reason, you’re simply NOT getting rewarded
financially, for all that hard work you’re doing…

Then then let me help you change this, with zero-risk to you, and in a nice, intimate setting with other dentists who are going through and experiencing the same exact things you are.

The Ultimate Patient Experience is by far, the biggest turnaround in the history of dentistry. And I’ll help you make this turnaround, once and for all.

I’ll look forward to seeing you at my workshop.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at
david@theUPE.com, or leave a message for me in my office at

Thank you for reading this. I wish you great success and good health, always!


Dr. David Moffet

P.S. The only thing wrong with not having anything to show for all that hard work you’ve been doing… is thinking there’s nothing you can do about it.

You only have one life to live, so why not live it stress-free, as a successful dentist calling your own shots? Having total control over your practice, and doing whatever you want, whenever you want to?

Why should you be left out, sitting there on the sidelines, “watching”… while so many other dentists are making incredible, HUGE amounts of money with the Ultimate Patient Experience?

If you read my book… and if even one or two paragraphs seemed to reach out and speak directly to you, about what’s right and what’s wrong with your own practice… I urge you to obey that feeling inside, and register for this one-time only workshop, limited to 20 doctors.

With my two, generous zero-risk money back guarantees… there is only upside here for you. And like I said, for most dentists, all you need to do is pick up an extra 2 or 3 patients, and your workshop tuition is paid for. Which you should be able to do within 7-14 days from the time you get back to your office and start implementing.

To register, simply click on
the “REGISTER NOW” button, below:

(And don’t worry – if you’re not one of the first 20 dentists who register, your card will not be billed)

Untitled design (3)The workshop is being held on Friday and Saturday, August 19th and 20th at:

Venue in greater London being finalised. Stay tuned.

Here Are Comments From A Few Of The Dentists Who
Have Already Attended Some Of My Previous Workshops:

Hi David, Remember me from Brisbane and then Sydney?  I just wanted to thank you for the change you have made to my practice. I have always loved my work, and love playing ‘dentist’ in my community. The last six months have been a pure joy. Not kidding!  I have two staff who just love to help patients and see how far they can go to make all this work. We go thru some of your weekly emails and see if we can find little pearls of wisdom that we can use to excel in our day. They enjoy this a lot.  My husband summed it all up with ‘just be nice’!  But it is more than that. It’s the true giving of our selves and connecting with people and showing respect to each and every person.  Our bottom line has increased from week one (June?). We pay all our bills early now can plan ahead. Increased my super by heaps. And the staff will get a big fat bonus at Xmas. And likely be rewarded each month for their efforts thereafter.  So thank you! Truly from our hearts. It can never go backwards as it has become the new norm. And feels good.  Happy days!  Sincerely, Laura. Dr. Laura Damas – Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

In 2016 I attended several courses produced by David Moffet and found that they explored in great detail the intricacies of social interactions in the dental clinic in a way that had never been presented to me before. David then presented a series of solutions to these daily social dilemmas which were designed to build positive relationships with patients and at the same time get the treatment completed. Nothing Machiavellian or sales like here – just appropriate, comprehensive management of the situation by the dental team.

As I was impressed by David’s high level of ability in the microcosm of social interaction I then engaged him as a consultant for assistance with management of the macro issues of practice planning and management. David has a wealth of personal experience as well as consultancy experience and is an excellent guide through these uncertain waters and I have made positive changes that would have been delayed forever without his support and guidance. Dr. Stephen Dunstone – Hackham West, South Australia.

I attended the UPE Perth workshop a couple of months ago.  With years of research, David has implemented a system that has worked wonders for himself and many others.  Soon after, I blocked off two days and discussed my findings with our staff. The result? We had over 30 actions to undertake, some actions we were already doing, but wanting to improve.  This workshop will take us a to a new level in customer service.  Although similar to other telephone skills workshops, this is by far the best one I have seen in terms of converting new patient calls into appointments in your book. Our new patient numbers for the past two months are significantly higher.  Yes, I can recommend attending! Happier clients and a happier me! Looking forward to the second module later this year in Sydney, David!  Dr. Ian Yiannakis – Midland, Western Australia.

I have attended numerous seminars over the last thirty years, but never attended one that deals with the fundamentals of practice effectiveness as well as Dr. David Moffet’s Ultimate Patient Experience. If you really care about your patients and your own success don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. Dr. George Klein – Toorak, Victoria

Fantastic Seminar! David, many thanks for imparting practical ands useful information in such a fun and interactive manner! It was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make a dental practice more rewarding and more enjoyable. You presented clear and practical advice that I can take back to the practice and start applying straight away. I am excited and inspired to go back to the practice and start implementing the Ultimate Patient Experience!!!  Dr. Chris Lauf – Aspley, Queensland. 

Thank you David for the practical advice that can be readily incorporated into my team’s protocols the next day at work. Dr. Ailin Teo – Geelong, Victoria.

A very comprehensive course on an automated customer service system that can be implemented into the dental practice. I got lots of lines of how to communicate to patients to increase understanding and acceptance of treatment. Dr. Nhi-Tran Quach – Coomera, Queensland.

David, your workshop provided all things we could use and easily implement. Thank you. Dr. Ian Fishman – Melbourne, Victoria.

Reminder of what excellent customer service can achieve. Really entertaining. Great educator! Dr. Jason Loong – Karawara, Western Australia.

David, thank you for presenting an easy to listen to workshop in a relaxed environment. You provided several useful points we can utilise on Monday. Dr. Billy Choi – Fortitude Valley, Queensland

David Moffet’s workshop was truly inspiring, entertaining and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to return and to recommend it to other people. Jo Wakefield – Kallangur, Queensland.

I enjoyed the personalised attention which also allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere for discussion. Thank you for explaining the best way to handle the “Shopper” phone call. Dr. Peter Nguyen – Panania, New South Wales.

Great workshop David. Very clear and precise. I now have a good understanding of what needs to be done. Dr. Tony Ricci – Magill, South Australia.

David’s down-to-earth approach and in depth knowledge is fabulous. The practical slides that we can take back to staff are great! Really liked the opportunities to discuss actual experiences and anecdotes. It was great that practice owners can speak frankly. Everything excellent thank you David. Theresa Lauf – Aspley, Queensland.

Fantastic system! There was so much more to customer service than I had imagined. I am looking forward to implementing this system. Dr. Matthew Kei – Fernvale, Queensland.

Hi David! I just wanted to thank you for the truly mind-blowing seminar yesterday. I was so excited to try everything, I think I flew home yesterday evening in my car! I couldn’t wait to get back and develop systems with my staff. I started the orientation of my staff at lunch today… they seem excited, too. I also got to try out some of the new phrases on my patients today. Fun! I was particularly appreciative of the eye-opening change of perspective of what a Dental Office should be about. You’ve given us great tools. So good to finally meet you in person. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and got way more than I expected! Dr. John S. Markel – Millersville, MD, USA.

David has a wealth of knowledge in delivering exceptional and ultimate service in the Australian environment, and he’s done it! I’ve left with some very good tools to help implement these skills consistently and seamlessly.   Dr. Remo Fanelli – Gladstone, Queensland

David, thanks for a great course mate. I got writer’s cramp trying to take notes. Really excited about this material. I have done other coaching for years but not got this detail on this aspect (you focused on this topic more).  You covered many ideas and things that need to be put into formal systems, scripts and training. Even though the concepts were not new to me, the way you brought it together was great and I am now more motivated to do something. I am now much more clear about what I need to do to make this happen. Dr. Paul Rollason – Forest Lake, Queensland

David you are a terrific teacher and communicator. The importance of great communication is what I took away from today. It’s the little things done well which can make all the difference in our patients’ experiences. Dr. Erich Paschkewitz – Scarborough, Queensland.

Outstanding! Great ideas that can be implemented immediately to not only improve the quality of your patients but ultimately to get off the managed care tragedy that has taken over dentistry! Dr. Baxter T. Bender – Atlanta GA, USA

Hi David. Great to meet you yesterday at your workshop and be able to listen to a snippet of your wealth of knowledge. I was hoping to ask you about your coaching programs, and try see if it was something that could work for our practice. We definitely see the importance of phone skills, and would be keen on a program that covers that either from Jayne or yourself.  Dr. Vu Ngo – Redland Bay, Queensland

I have learnt more than I had imagined I would! Dr. Moffet is a very knowledgeable Dentist and businessman. I am very excited to take this knowledge and start making changes to our practice on Monday! Dr. Susan Nguyen – Charters Towers, Queensland.

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David, thank you for providing us with better language skills for answering the phone and for emphasizing the power of great handovers in the office. I now know the importance of practice and role-play needed for our Office to become even better at what we do. Jodee DeFinnis – Shavertown PA. USA.

Excellent workshop for a new dentist or a practice with a lack of communication within their practice. Topic about the “Shopper” was well explained. I will be implementing the best material straight away. Belinda Bodkin – Honeysuckle, New South Wales.

The protocols and concepts expanded by David outline a pathway, well directed and signposted, that if followed with little deviation will lead to the predicted outcomes promulgated. Thank you David for illuminating the pathway and signposting in a way easily understood. Dr. Graham Miller – Kippa-Ring, Queensland

I’ve come away with a better understanding of how to improve customer service in my practice. I enjoyed the small workshop and how it allowed everyone to join in the conversation. The course has also helped to change my mind about patient treatment. Dr. Nigel Seeto – Broadbeach, Queensland.

Hi David. Thank you for the wonderful presentation on Sunday. I have thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and really excited to start implementing all the new strategies to take our customer service to a new level. I’d love to attend your two-day follow on workshop and find out more. Also, do you have any workshops for our staff as well? I thought it would be really good for the staff to attend your lectures. Look forward to meeting you again. Dr. HyunSoo Yu – St Kilda. Victoria

Thank you David. Your course was an eye-opener. Dr Ray Seong-Wan Hong – Zillmere, Queensland.

I learned a few important points in this seminar especially the importance of Front Office People as part of the team. Dr. Bernadeth Santos – Langwarrin, Victoria.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Dr. Andrew Nixon – Honeysuckle, New South Wales.

You provided a systematic approach to making every step of the patient visit different to what they are probably used to. Absolutely! Better to start now as a new Office, rather than later. Thank you, David! Dr. Adam Marengi – Sudbury MA. USA.

I really appreciated the cementation of importance of tracking, excellent customer service, phone answering, marketing and skills practice. The “hot tips” were great and I will implement them first thing on Monday. You introduced two new concepts for me: Tracking cancellations and adding financial incentives for answering the phone after hours to book in new patients. Thank you David! Dr. Kristina Cain – Brisbane, Queensland

David, I enjoyed your workshop. It got me thinking on the importance of correct communication skills, and what I’m doing right, and what I need to correct. I came away with the big understanding that I need to train my staff properly. Dr Robert Lin – Redland Bay, Queensland

It’s been a great way to re-focus on what we do and how we do it. There is always room for improvement. Communication skills are definitely something that requires practice. We are bringing back the hot towels! Thank you David! Dr. Branka Starcevic – Gympie, Queensland

Thank you so much for the presentation, David. Excellent content and great experience. Definitely many many great points I’m looking at applying in my practice. I thought it was amazing. There were so many gems in that one day that I can’t wait to implement.Dr Thomas Vo. – Winston Hills. NSW

The course gave me a motivation to be better! Dr. Taehee Lee – Leongatha, Victoria

Concise and direct points to implement. I’m feeling that implementing the strategies you taught us will create exponential positive changes for our clients and for our dental team. Dr Melissa Giddings – Rose Bay, NSW

I liked the concrete examples of what to do and say in different situations that happen on a daily basis in every practice.  Dr. Kate Smith – Robina, Queensland

I came looking for a recharge, and I got it!! David has a great depth of knowledge and is very easy to listen to and follow.  Dr Peter Etcell – Fairfield, NSW

David Moffet actually made me self realise subtle subconscious thoughts that the patients go through before, during and after their Dental Experience. I now am confident to direct a seamless dental journey, and make it a pleasurable experience for my patients. Dr. Vikram Vasisht – Townsville, Queensland

I think along the same lines and believe that excellent customer service is the only way to have an essential point of difference. Thank you David.  Dr. Leonard Hoffenberg – Sydney, NSW

The course has opened my mind up with regards to wowing patients, having better systems and scripts in place for a more organised practice.  Dr. Janet Woon – Willetton, WA

The content was good and well organised. An eye opener, really. Dr. Chandy Koruthu – Geraldton, WA

Some basic fundamentals that can be applied straight away. David provided easy steps to follow, that were clear and to the point.  Dr. Thorsten Dannheimer – Melbourne, VIC

David, I now understand better ways of managing my Dental Practice. Dr. Amanda Yu – Erina, NSW

David, Great session! Thank you for providing actual phrases I can use! Looking forward to seeing you later in the year at your next workshop. Dr. Claire Kim – Strathfield, NSW

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Great presentation, David. Dr. Jim Wang – Batehaven, NSW.

Very clear, good advice, David. Thank you. Mariano Frias – Melbourne, Victoria.

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Very informative. I left feeling confident about implementing further the subject matter discussed. Helen Yiannakis – Midland, Western Australia.

David, I enjoyed the day. It has motivated me to revisit all of the service touch points that I am presently glossing over, and will save me a lot of money in wasted marketing costs. Dr. Chris Darby – Prahran, Victoria.

I definitely feel much better about implementing new strategies and systems into our practice. Great content. Thanks David. Dr. Anthony Bowdler – Chermside, Queensland.

David, your course made it clear that we need to set the bar higher than where it is currently at my practice. I look forward to working with my staff going forward and implementing many of the strategies learned today. Dr Adam Eduati – Blackburn, Victoria.

Yes, I definitely felt the programme was jam packed with “pearls of wisdom” and strategies to improve the patient experience in our practice. Dr. Nhi Linh Quach – Fairfield, Queensland.

Because I actually studied Dr Moffet’s book before I came in and implemented some of the strategies in the book, I think I took a lot from the course. I appreciated how Dr Moffet addressed every question and related to it during the lecture. Dr. Yahia Sameh – Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

All information presented was relevant and easy to understand and easy to implement. All systems presented seemed very common sense but easily overlooked in a practice. I have appreciated all I have learned today. Dr. Andrew Josey – Ipswich, Queensland.

I appreciated the emphasis on customer service and how to make it all about the patient and make them feel important and well looked after. Dr. Shubhra Purohit – Tullamarine, Victoria.

I came away with a better understanding of how to implement Customer Service systems into our Dental practice. Dr Moffet knows his customer service and is very helpful to all questions and Dentists. He clearly knows his stuff! Eloise Webb – Cairns, Queensland.

I now know how to handle price shoppers better as well as using hygiene more effectively for co-diagnosis of treatment. Very inspiring David. Thank you! Dr. Robert Gibbins – Cairns, Queensland.

David, your workshop presented me with an abundance of helpful tips and information that will allow me to better utilise my clinical time along with gaining the trust and confidence of my patients. I really get the importance of little changes being made to stop bad habits creeping in, helping to sustain long term growth of the practice and create long term financial stability. Dr. Navin Sajnani – Ballina, NSW.

An inspiring day putting things in perspective and looking from the patients’ points of view. Easy to follow and very adaptable information. Kirby Cumming – Kenmore, Queensland.

I most enjoyed the practical advise to make positive changes to enrich our customer service, as well as the methods you mentioned to make my job more productive. Inspiring and confidence building information. Donna Sales – Ballina, NSW.

David, you provided us with a better understanding and some better ways of communicating with our valued patients. Thank you. Bradie Plumridge – Noosa, Queensland.

This course was a great way to brush up on a few more simple ways for us to improve on our communication with patients, and our phone skills. Jessica Quinn – Noosa, Queensland.

It was great learning about how it feels from the patient’s point of view, and learning the importance of making a great impression. Maegen Keech – Robina, Queensland.

Enjoyed how David related the workshop to everyday life. It was interesting hearing other dentists’ stories. Gayle Bowdler – Chermside, Queensland.

Great to have an AUSTRALIAN DENTIST talking about Australian practice. Dr. Robert Harper – Richmond, Victoria.

Very informative and can be easily incorporated into our dental office. Thank you David. Robyn Wade – Kenmore, Queensland.

An enjoyable learning experience. Dr. Phillida Noronh – Ballina, NSW.

Reinforced what we knew along with quite a few new gems! Thank you David. Dr. Ian Crump – Noosa, Queensland.

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to email me
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